I've started figuring out how to use attachments and templates and I've been setting up a basic infobox template. The template is supposed to contain an image. However, the attachment loses it's link when I place it in the template.

This is the template code:
<div class="infobox" style="font-size:89%; width:300px;">
<div class="infobox_header">[var]PAGENAME[/var]
<div class="infobox_image">{{{Image|Image}}}</div>
<div class="infobox_body">
<dd>Special Abilities</dd><dt>{{{Special Abilities|}}}</dt>
And this is what I have in my article:
|Image = [file]Image:Cindalqai|thumb|none[/file]
|Alignment = Any, but stereotyped as neutral to evil
|Lifespan = 400 years
|Special Abilities = Gem-weaving, night vision
|Weaknesses = Sunlight, reliance on gems for magic[/template]
Is there a better way to set this up so that the attached file retains the link?