Reading through large amounts of text is not something many users do anymore. This is why information sites use graphical material like infographics, charts and visualizations of data. IMHO this is the missing part of wiki articles. Graphical display of information is a major enhancement of articles and should be applied to vaultwiki. Not only can readers quickly absorb wiki article information, but it looks very good as well. Which also affects Vaultwiki sales, because a good looking system is very appealing to webmasters.

There are various API's and jquery scripts on the web which can be implemented to allow Vaultwiki to graphically display information. For example:
Google Charts: (charts, geocharts, timelines, organograms, etc)
jQuery & CSS3:

Vaultwiki is already using Font Awesome, so it has a mass of icons available which can be used for visualizations as well, because the icons can be displayed in any size.