I've mentioned this a bit over the year here but I would like to get a bit more into it for suggestions.

Take a look at the autolinker.com I bought into this, its pretty cool but has problems and very poor support. VW could do this much better and could expand your auto link feature greatly! $$$ You have the basics covered and do it far superior to autolinker.


Having stats, and including a direct url linking option instead of it ONLY going to our wiki would be all you need added for now.

To work towards...
If we could select certain forums to autolink for certain catagories. make sense? I know duplicates are an issue but autolinker lets you know right away if a dup exists.

Example, I would love to be able to have the autolinks for information pointing to the wiki and then have autolinks pointing to companies websites. Autolinks serving two purposes.
One for information (like it is now) and an added feature for directing linking keywords. Google loves this.

Include a no-follow option.

What do you think?