A brief history of VaultWiki is discussed here: [vault]The Vault[/vault]

Essentially, it used to be a static page listing some of our work (circa 2005). Then with the suggestion of NickyPhils, we got MediaWiki to handle this content (late 2006). When MediaWiki didn't play well with vBulletin, NuHit came to the rescue with vbWiki Pro, which acted as a bridge (early 2007). When NuHit released NuWiki, we switched to NuWiki (mid 2007). However, we were spoiled by many of MediaWiki's features, so NuWiki wasn't enough for us. We created addons for NuWiki for months, but then the developer disappeared (early 2008).

So we rewrote our addons as a separate product for vBulletin (mid 2008). The customers named it [arsenal=CES VaultWiki]VaultWiki[/arsenal].