If you have received blank pages in your forums since installing VaultWiki 2.1.1, we sincerely apologize. After some digging (and some help from some of our customers), we were able to figure out that some code we added to help admins know when large errors have occurred ended up giving them white pages if in fact errors did occur.

In particular, this white page error occurs if: you are an admin and you are logged in to the forum and an error has occurred. The white page does not occur in the AdminCP. The white page does not occur for users who are not a member of the Usergroup with ID:6. In other words, for users who are not admins, they will not notice any problems. The white page is VaultWiki attempting to display an error message before the correct templates have been loaded by vBulletin. So if you have disabled VaultWiki, you can re-enable it now and follow the steps outlined below.

This particular message states that your "Default Namespace ID" as set in vBulletin Options -> CES VaultWiki is incorrect, OR your Namespace Cache is not up-to-date. In both cases (once checking that the settings are correct), the admin should visit the Namespace Manager and click Rebuild All Namespaces.

Once you perform this action, the white page will disappear. We have also updated the available most recent version of the ZIP (2.1.1) to reflect this, so the error would display correctly in the future.