While this forum is useful for asking such questions as "Can I do this?" and "How do I do this?," a separate forum is designated for reporting bugs and requesting new features. When users post bugs in the usage forum (or even in another bug's thread), it becomes very difficult to tell whether we have fixed everything that was reported. A period of chaos erupts, where we have to read through every single thread again, and this means 1 thing: a huge delay before you get to see the next build. On our end, it doesn't really matter, because we have the build long before you do.

For your own sakes, please post bug reports and feature requests in the VaultWiki Project.

We can only respond to bugs or support requests submitted by a logged in user at one of the above two locations, or by private messaging the project manager pegasus. Do not email us regarding VaultWiki support issues. They cannot be answered in a timely manner, cannot be tracked, and you will just receive a response asking you to use one of the above methods.

When submitting a request, be as specific as possible in your first message. Do not simply say "I am having a problem with..." Try to explain what the problem is. This will mean you receive a solution faster because we don't have to ask "What exactly is the problem?"