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VaultWiki is a powerful wiki solution that makes it possible for many users to contribute to your site's content simultaneously. VaultWiki extends your vBulletin or XenForo implementation with the tools to streamline this process and make it more rewarding.
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    VaultWiki allows users to create and edit articles in a collaborative environment, using a product that seamlessly integrates into your existing site. Using VaultWiki's vast feature set, users and administrators alike will find the tools needed to build a successful wiki. Includes additional parsing capabilities, category pages, a centralized image system, analytical page reports, and multiple language support.

    Licensees receive technical support and access to updates for their subscription term. VaultWiki is available in Monthly, Annual, and Lifetime subscriptions.

    Before purchasing VaultWiki, please confirm that your web server meets the minimum requirements necessary to run VaultWiki.

Additional Options

  • Professional Installation

    Our techs will perform the first-time install so you can have peace of mind.
    Price: $35.00
  • Upgrade Service

    Our techs will perform 1 upgrade so you can have peace of mind.
    Price: $20.00