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The first thing you will need to do when installing VaultWiki is download the latest version from the Members Area. You will need to log-in to the VaultWiki.org web site (https://www.vaultwiki.org), using the same user name and password that you used to purchase VaultWiki.

Once logged in, click the "Members" button in the navigation menu.

On the left side of the Members area, click the "Licenses" option to see the complete list of licenses you purchased.

Find the license you want to use. If this is the first time you are downloading the VaultWiki 4 package, you probably need to click "License Settings" from the Options menu for that license.

Even if you downloaded VaultWiki 3 in the past, if you have not yet downloaded VaultWiki 4, you should click "License Settings" to check that your license details are still correct.

Enter the URL of the web site where VaultWiki will be installed.

Warning:VaultWiki has different files for different forums, so make sure that the forum choice is correct. If this is incorrect, contact a staff member so it can be corrected. Once you download VaultWiki, you will not be allowed to change this and you will have to purchase a new license if a different forum is needed.

When you are satisfied with your responses, submit the form to activate your license. Next to that license in the Members Area, you will now see a "Download" link in the Options menu. Click this link to proceed to the download page.

Even though you can select from many past versions of the VaultWiki package, you should only be downloading the latest package.

Note:If your license is not active, you will only be able to download versions that were released before your license expired.

Warning:Review the VaultWiki License Agreement on this page. You should only download the package if you agree to the terms and if your server meets the minimum requirements put forth on the previous page. According to the agreement, once you download VaultWiki for the first time, you surrender your right to a refund.

Click the "Download" button to start the download. When the download prompt window appears, you should choose the "Save" option and select a directory on your computer in which to save the VaultWiki package. The package will then be downloaded and saved to the location you specified.

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