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VaultWiki allows your existing forum users to work together on creating and managing a site's content pages, rather than competing to make popular threads. VaultWiki is a fully-featured and fully-supported wiki add-on solution for vBulletin and XenForo.

Encourage Users to Work Together

VaultWiki allows your community to collaborate to create and publish content pages for your site. Multiple users can edit the same page, and your staff can moderate changes as they are made. VaultWiki maintains a detailed history of every page, making it just as easy to reverse unwanted changes. More...

Create All Kinds of Content

With VaultWiki, you can create general site content, user manuals for your products, wikis, eBooks, eCommerce product pages, and more. With a little imagination, VaultWiki can be purposed to do almost anything. More...

Seamlessly Integrates With Your Community

At its core, VaultWiki is an add-on product for your vBulletin or XenForo forum platform. Its pages all meld with the forum's existing style. Users write new content with the same editor and BB-Codes they are already familiar with. The content is indexed by your forum's built-in search engine. And each user's contributions are acknowledged on his or her profile. The list goes on...

Attract New Membership

VaultWiki creates content and content URLs that are designed to drive new traffic to your site. With guides for search engines embedded in every page, each page preserves its value when it comes to generating traffic. More...

Fast Responsive Support

Subscriptions come with free support in our forums and bug tracker system, and documentation is available online at all times. Paid installation and upgrade services can be ordered via our web site. Moreā€¦

Active Development

The team here at are actively involved in the development process. VaultWiki is constantly updated to be compatible with the newest forum software releases, to meet web standards, and to incorporate new technologies. Bugs are fixed promptly and new features come out all the time.